YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3: In The Flesh

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Yu Yu Hakusho, Volume 3: In the Flesh

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YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3 In the Flesh

View subscription options. Library Event Calendar. Average Rating. Leach, Gary, Olsen, Lillian. Shonen Jump graphic novel. On Shelf. Quick Copy View. Place Hold. Add a Review. Add To List. Slime Ogre. Gama, Master of Ritual Adornment. Suichi Minamino. Team Baal's Berserkers. Minotaur Cyclops.

Bakuken the Fog-Bearer. Related places Hangman Island. Irima Cave, Japan. Meio Private High School, Japan. Yukimura Diner, Japan. Genaki's temple. Meioh Private High School, Japan. Tokyo, Japan. Sarayashi Public Junior High School. Malheur Hospital, Swarm City. Swarm City, Japan.

Yuyu Hakusho Vol.3 Yoshihiro Togashi Manga Jump Comic Book Japan

Hangman Island's second arena. Byakko's Room From Hell. Seiryu's chamber. Demon City, the Demon Plane. Suzaku's tower. Hell Housing Development, Japan. Hangman Island arena.

follow site Suichi's school. Kasanegafuchi Park, Japan. Hangman Island's first arena.

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How do series work? Helpers yue 31 , fourthage 21 , Phantasma 15 , JalenV 5 , Ceray 4 , yoyogod 4. Series by cover 1—7 of 35 next show all.

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YuYu Hakusho, Vol. YuYu Hakusho, Volume Unforgiveable!! Because of this, Hiei quickly beats him by summoning powers he can not yet completely control, leaving his right arm severely injured. Rinku is childish and playful, and often annoys those around him.

He is the first fighter on his team to step forward in the ring, fighting Kuwabara. Rinku controls his yo-yos by channeling his aura through the strings, is very acrobatic, and shows at least some idea of using his energy to heal his wounds. During the fight for control of the Demon Plane, Rinku is one of the demons that Genkai and Kurama train to fight for Yomi, though they eventually all disband to fight individually in the Demon Plane Unification Tournament. Although the team's alternate via rock-paper-scissors, he is able to fight after decapitating his fleeing teammates Imajin and Gaou.

It is led by Dr. Ichigaki Dr. He then implanted the Blood-Slaver Node onto their backs, giving him control of their minds and boosting their fighting abilities. It is revealed that Ichigaki is the one who originally poisoned their master in order to manipulate them. The martial artists survive and, free of Ichigaki's control, reunite with their master who was healed by Kurama.

They are a group of famous ninja demons who are hoping to win the tournament so they can claim the hosting island as their home. In addition to painting himself to boost his power, he also paints designs on his opponents to attack. Before dying from Kurama's attack, Gama paints a design on him that binds Kurama's demonic aura for another ten minutes in order to aid his team. He battles Kurama, whose demonic aura was sealed in the previous match by Gama, using sharp ice projectiles and an ice sword which is attached to his hand.

However, he is defeated when Kurama plants his attack into his own wounds to access his aura and knock Toya down for a ten count. He has the ability to fly at great speeds and to block and change the course of any energy-based attacks that travel through the air. Jin enjoys his battles, especially when he has a worthy opponent. Although his fight with Yusuke is initially ruled a loss for Jin via ring out, the decision is overturned and declared a draw. During the fight for control of the Demon Plane, Jin is one of the demons that Genkai and Kurama train to fight for Yomi, though they eventually all disband to fight individually in the Demon Plane Unification Tournament.

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Composed of fighters gathered together by Suzuki , who furnished them with weapons he created, [ ch. The matches are decided by rolling dice, with Hiei initially filling in for both Yusuke and the Masked Fighter Genkai , while the latter gives Yusuke the final test as her student.