Your Healthy & Happy Horse: How to Care for Your Horse & Have Fun Too!

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Wash your hands before going from one horse to another. Your sleeves, jacket, shirt, pants… just about anything can carry infectious material from one horse to another. I, for one, am not one who generally recommends that people invest their money in custom equipment for each and every one of their horses. It gets to be pretty expensive, and keeping track of everything can be challenging. That said, if you use equipment such as brushes or curry combs on more than one horse, make sure you take the time to clean them between horses. Take the time to dip your grooming equipment in a disinfectant solution such as dilute bleach between horses; the last think that you want to do is spread organisms that can cause skin infections.

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A little common sense can go a long way. Do your family eat off of the same plate at dinner? Is there one, big glass for the table? Do you share napkins?

I think you get the point. Who wants backwash in their glass? One sick horse that drags his snotty nose around and through a watering trough can get the whole bunch sick pretty quickly; nothing like moisture to help germs persist in the environment. None of this should be particularly controversial and all of it is pretty easy to do.

Good hygiene goes a long way to keeping your horse healthy. Open search panel Search for:. Breaking news. Transmitting disease. Avoid horse to horse contact. Obvious problem. Same in horses.

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Post Views: 4, Previous Previous post: Lasers. Being relatively new to the horse world can be very intimidating and you learn that there are many voices and opinions in this world. When I met Sven as a coach he was patient, knowledgeable, encouraging and just what I needed to build my confidence. I purchased a horse with little help as new excited rider and after realizing we needed help I turned to Sven. Sven worked with him for months and he was honest in confirming my apprehension.

This wonderful horse was not the horse for me. I was almost ready to give up but Sven has other plans.

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He had a horse in training and he knew that she would be the perfect girl for me. We worked together for a few months and I am now loving riding and my beautiful mare. I would recommend Sven Smienk for coaching, training and most all purchasing your dream horse.

It has been my good fortune to meet Sven Smienk ten years ago. He has had several of my horses in training over the years and shown two of them to championship level. Sven is a skilled and intuitive rider and horseman. In addition, I find him to be highly competent, professional, ethical, well prepared, and trustworthy in all his equine related dealings.

Looking for a new horse sounds like fun in theory, but it can be a nerve-wracking and lengthy process. My year-old daughter was in need of a new dressage partner. We had to pass on more than a few mounts that were not as advertised. We found a very interesting prospect that Sven was marketing. After communicating with Sven both on the phone and on e-mail, we took a leap of faith and booked our airline tickets for the weekend. We were thrilled after the first ride. The horse was exactly as described! A second ride the next day solidified that this was the one.

We flew home and Sven handled the rest. Our new guy was vetted and transported within the week. Our horse has been the perfect match and he and my daughter have been very successful on the show circuit. We are grateful to Sven for being professional, honest, and considerate. If the time comes for a new mount, Sven is the first person I would call! Sven has the skill to make every horse he rides look it's best, and his large client base ensures a good match of horse with rider. Sales are handled easily and efficiently, making the sales process pleasant for all parties involved.

Training with him is always challenging, productive and fun as well! I appreciated your integrity and effort during the entire process - from the initial, lengthy phone call when you patiently and enthusiastically answered all my questions to the final day as you stood by with carrots as we loaded onto the trailer to begin our partnership adventure. Your willingness to work with my various requests and to allow me to explore the many aspects I needed to was refreshing. I did not feel any pressure during the time I spent at the barn.

It was clear you were looking for a good match between horse and prospective buyer.

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I was encouraged to see your concern and care for the horse. I never thought I would ever purchase a horse "sight unseen ".

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Then I saw a horse that was being sold by Sven, and he was everything I ever wanted. There was no way I could get away to look at the horse myself. There was no pressure And he was an open book as far as the horse was concerned. My vet looked at the xrays and did his "vet stuff" and said he thought the horse was a good fit. A local vet also talked with my vet. My experience with the sale For the cherry on the cake, the trainer that I am going to said she spoke to Sven about other horses and found him to be honest I love my horse! He is my dream horse A big thanks to Sven.


Selling my mare with Sven was a clear and easy process. Having full confidence in Sven, he took care of all the details of the sale as well as providing quality care and riding of my mare until she was sold. Thank you Sven. The care at the barn is wonderful. I have purchased a horse from him and the service and attention to detail was exceptional.

His training and preparation of horses for sale is second to none. Prospective buyers are treated with respect and never rushed or pushed into making a decision. I experienced exceptional training and accountability when selling my warmblood through Sven. He has a kind and yet consistent way with horses which enables him to get superior results from every training session.

I was very pleased with the results of the sale of my horse as well. I highly recommend Sven Smienk Dressage for a superior buying or selling experience.

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I cannot say enough about the wonderful job Sven does on the sales and training of horses. I personally have had 4 of my homebred horses sold through Sven and each one found a suitable home. I wish I had met Sven for all the other horses I have sold in the past as his success speaks for itself. On top of that he is an amazing coach that gets the most out of both horse and rider.