Tres Poetas Alicantinos (Spanish Edition)

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Spaniards -at least bourgeois Spaniards- frequently display what to the foreigner seems an unwarranted concern about their slightest indispositions. One wonders at once which writers in the history of literature have been readers to the blind. Is it too much to suppose that the experience returns the spoken word to the reader with interest? In the society of the word that is written and silently read, the passage of meaning from writer to reader may possibly become so smooth that the particularities of the meaning, the peculiar edges and wrinkles in the word, may scarcely be perceived.

Any word within a certain range of synonymity will do. First, he strengthens his power to grasp sensorial values by compensating for another person's blindness and then he necessarily refines his awareness of language, the means of expressing these values. Juanita la Larga no propende a demostrar ni demuestra cosa alguna. Aunque las pinturas o retratos que yo hago carezcan de gracia, entiendo que en ellos resplandece el amor con que los he hecho Se puede ser abogado para algo que convenga o halague.

Se es artista porque se es.

Synonyms and antonyms of cosechón in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms

El que no escribe o no pinta o no esculpe mejor, es porque no puede. While the absence of invention in Nuestro Padre San Daniel and El obispo leproso would be most difficult to prove, it is more reasonable to assume than to doubt that his method in these works was no different from what it was in those cases for which there is relatively good documentation. No doubt he read what they wrote. He eventually got to know one and another of them -after the shape and tenor of his art was fixed. The chapters of El humo dormido were first published as separate articles in La Publicidad , a Barcelona newspaper.

In June a new house in Madrid, Atenea, S. He elicits the reader's interest as a private person, not as a citizen, a churchman, a member of any class or group. He even declines to satisfy the reader's desire to know what he is getting into generically. A novel? A collection of short stories?

And once inside the book the reader still does not know where he is. This, he says to himself, is not only written in the first person, it has the intimate tone of autobiography; yet the principal character disappears for pages at a time and is rarely the object upon which the reader's attention is focused. The book often turns to the free-ranging exploration of thought, opinion, and sensibility, in a personally idiosyncratic, ironic way that makes one think that it is an essay, yet the style is too elliptical for prosaic comfort, sometimes more luminous than clear, and deficient in the kind of informative verbal tissue which keeps the reader of an essay comfortably on the track of the author's thought.

The autobiographical thread, if assumed to be a fiction, at first conveys the feeling that we are embarking on a loose-jointed, episodic novel, but the joints become looser and looser, till there is finally no structural connection at all, and we realize that even a genre as hospitable as the novel has no room for El humo dormido. He also wrote what he called cuentos , short stories e. But the larger part of his work consists of the kind of thing we have in El humo dormido -e.

And so, in the book of El humo dormido he brings all the pieces on the days from the liturgical calendar under the rubric of a synonym for estampas , namely, tablas. Some assertions can be made, however. The process is often more complicated, however, than these simple alterations and suppressions would suggest. Yet this date, c. This, however, is only the more obvious part of the process of literary creation.

One of the still active elements in our Romantic heritage is the high value we assign, especially in the arts, to individuality, idiosyncrasy, uniqueness, and it is not uncommon for critics to make the best case they can for a work's uniqueness by way of demonstrating its superiority. But it has not yet been demonstrated that a work's artistic value is directly proportional to its uniqueness. In fact, an absolutely unique work would be absolutely incomprehensible, and we would not know whether it was of any value or not. Such a work is inconceivable, of course, as inconceivable as the total comprehension of the most commonplace artistic event.

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  3. Fields of Summer Dreams.

The result is the expression in words of a vision of such particularity that to the reader it seems unfamiliar, as if he were reading a language he did not understand. Once he begins to grow accustomed to the light, however, he finds it serving its natural, miraculous function of illuminating more and more of the particularities of human experience in such a way as to make the reader feel that he is experiencing them for the first time. The most notable of these features, some of which have been mentioned above, are: 1 The absence of purely informative verbal tissue that would tell us such things as from what point of view a scene is being observed, who is speaking, why an unexpected remark is made, and the like.

What does the title mean? That was between February and June Our balcony looked out on the patio and gardens of a convent across the way, and on Sundays we could hear the music of a harmonium coming from inside the convent. Because it was winter, and the nuns kept all windows tightly closed, the sound of the music was very faint, even at times completely inaudible, and we had to imagine the passages that we couldn't hear. Besides, the music was drowned out by the uncouth noises of the street -and in those days automobiles were more uncouth in their noise than ox carts- so that the street seemed to be running over the organ.

We realized that to hear the music properly we would have to wait for summer, when the nuns would have to open up a little the most concealed and venerable rooms of their house. Open a little, I say, because if they opened the windows and doors wide, the music would be heard as clearly as if it were in the street and with it all the other inside sounds, and what we wanted to experience, the sound of music from inside a convent, would be lost.

Parnaso Filipino by Eduardo Martín de la Cámara

Well, summer came, and with it the hour for the celestial harmonium, the hour of midafternoon. The fruit trees in the convent garden, enclosed like the mystic garden of the Song of Songs, were green and motionless, and spread their cool shadows over the garden like an eyelid. The street outside was asleep, and everything seemed to be watched over by a lamp of silence which vibrated with the flutter of swallows, martens, and bees And the organ was not to be heard. We had to imagine its music completely -the sister-musician was taking her afternoon nap. No matter that we longed to hear the music, the Lord permitted his servant to be silent.

And no matter that we long for absolute truth, the music of heaven, it is not being sounded for us to hear, and if it is, our ears are not made to hear it; we cannot, as we can with earthly music, connect the fragments, because there are no fragments to connect. What we have is a philosophical homily which appeals, if it does appeal, to the intellect.

Gómez Gil, Alfredo 1936-

The recollections of winter and summer afternoons with their sounds and silences are subordinated, as examples, to the logic of the argument, and while they are not eliminated, the fact that they must share our attention with the argument diminishes their intensity as it alters their intent. Without experience it would not exist, and its only meaningful expression is through the evocation of the experience from which it derives its character as something real.

The matter of grammatical irregularities is best treated in the individual instances and is therefore taken up in the notes. In the case of language proper, that is, vocabulary, we are faced first and largely with words whose equivalents in our own language, if they exist, we would not precisely understand because most of us are not at home in the activities or areas of existence to which they refer.

For every reader, even for those whose language is Spanish, the list of such words will be long, though by their nature, no two such lists would exactly agree. Many would contain at least some of the following, which are but a random sample: bancal, casal obviously a special kind of casa , but what kind? The problem here is the problem of deficient experience. Swiss Hall, Walton Ave. Blancato , Charles H. Mahmoud Hussein - Versant Sud de la liberte. Terceiro relatorio semestral aprezentada a faculdade de medicina do Rio de Janeiro - ,.

Maiani, Luciano, et al. The Second Daphne Physics Handbook.

Reviews of Books: Bulletin of Spanish Studies: Vol 84, No 6

Volumes - Revised by Edmund Goldsmid. Main, John, Shaw, John A. What the Society in Maine has done, orgaization and offucers, constitution of the Society, roll of members Shirizu nijisseiki no kioku. Memory of Death Camp.

Maino, Giuseppe, et al. Mair, Charles - Dreamland and Other Poems.

Mair, Lucy - The New Africa. Maison, Margaret - John Oliver Hobbes. Her Life and Work.

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