There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness #1)

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Xtorma View Profile View Posts. At this point it really doesn't matter loot wise. Dark runs are easy mode, enemies do marginally higher damage but you get more crit which clears the field faster so you take fewer attacks. And then you get more loot for free, and spend less loot because you are not buying torches.

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Long runs are also easy mode, both of which are really the opposite of what's intended. I'd recommend dark runs for a new player, light is ironically the challenge mode as you get less loot for nothing currently it's kind of academic as you can't carry the loot anyways.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Fighting the Darkness Scene (5/10) - Movieclips

Jeers View Profile View Posts. Bad loot. Higher levels, big chance to die. There seems to also be a mechanic where if you clear enemies fast you take less turns you get better loot. Game almost forces player to have to do dark runs to get enough loot to maintain and improve. Dark Runs are more fun and better music, but it can still suck when you have to retreat. Originally posted by Celerity :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 7 Mar, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website. From the distance, no one, not even Ezren, can see the creepers, as they are beyond the range of his 60 foot darkvision. As they approach to 60 feet, Ezren spots them because of his darkvision. Damiel still can't see them because Kyra's heightened continual flame counts as extending 40 feet for the purpose of determining where it overlaps their darkness.

As they approach within 40 feet, everyone can see them, as Kyra's heightened continual flame defeats the darkness in the area of overlap. The other light spells stop working, though. Next, the dark stalkers advance, with their deeper darkness spells active. Even when they get to 60 feet, Ezren can't see them because it's supernatural darkness.

However, since Kyra's heightened continual flame is heightened to 4th level, it keeps shining brightly. Since no one ever takes the Dark Folk language, the darkfolk use it to coordinate their attacks. Sadly for them, Ezren understands them anyway, and he warns Feiya that the darkfolk have a dark slayer who somehow heightened his spell-like ability deeper darkness to 4th level once per day through numerous blood sacrifices.

Feiya nods, pulls out her rod of lesser reach metamagic and readies an action to counterspell with wandering star motes which now has a range of feet. Since wandering star motes is a 4th level light spell, the heightened deeper darkness is equal or lower level, so the counterspell ruins the dark slayer's big chance!

The dark slayer snarls in anger and sends in its last big wildcard, a dark creeper barbarian, who sunders Kyra's heightened continual flame. This allows all those deeper darkness spells to defeat the remaining light sources easily, plunging the entire area into supernatural darkness, much to the darkfolks' delight. Ezren ends their victory cheers early by casting daylight on his cane, which negates everything in the overlapping area, leaving the fight at the prevailing light level, normal darkness hey, at least Ezren can see now! Damiel, alchemist that he is, cracks a sunrod, which now provides light to everyone else.

Desperate now, the dark slayer sends in the dark stalkers, who cast deeper darkness and then deliver the touch spell to Ezren's cane. They succeed, which dispels the daylight because daylight is equal or lower spell level. Fed up with the whole situation, Kyra uses her 8th level sun domain ability nimbus of light, which instantly dispels all the darkness spells in 30 feet and then shines like a daylight. The battle is over soon after. Feya can't counterspell the dark slayer's heightened deeper darkness spell-like ability, because spell-like abilities cannot be counterspelled.

CRB Feya can't counterspell the dark slayer's hightened deeper darkness spell-like ability, because spell-like abilities cannot be counterspelled.

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But otherwise that blog was very enlightening. Ah that's true. The special ritualistic heightened deeper darkness must have counted as a spell, since SLAs normally can't be heightened. Tricksy dark folk! I've experienced table variation based on the spell level, despite the fact that it has the same language as Daylight. The explanation of how low-light vision interacts with the actual radius of the spells is a key point, especially with those who try a similar argument that having darkvision can negate a Shadowdancer's hide in plain sight ability.

It's not in the RPG line, so the design team can't officially clarify on it. That said, it sure looks like it does, which, granted, puts it far outside the expected power level of a 1st-level spell. Talgeron May 7, , pm Thanks, Mark. At least I have something to point to next time it comes up. I laugh at your silly spell Dampen Presence feat! Snowblind May 7, , pm 1 person marked this as a favorite.

There was a whole discussion on the rules ambiguity involved in the precision damage vs concealment FAQ thread , and I don't see how this blog addresses the ambiguity. While you shouldn't steal the name "Sage Advice," you should absolutely make this a weekly feature that performs a similar function. With beginners entering the game and old-timers returning to a new rules system, some essential tactical essays like this one would benefit many readers. Great blog article Mark, really helpful - I'll have a print out at the table for future "debates" on those issues!!

For almost four months, Mark has been talking about the "light and darkness" FAQ that was needed. Or so I think. I initially envisioned this more like Stephen's old "Save My Game" column. The 1 issue here is that there isn't a weekly blog opening for this. Even if I had material, it couldn't happen. I actually do have some prewriting for a few others though. Really, the obvious name is "Pathfinder Chronicler" well if you want to do a bit of an homage to Sage Advice that is.

Review: There Is No Light In Darkness (#1, Darkness) by Claire Contreras

Daylight is more powerful than I thought it was. Not only does it negate darkness spells that are higher level than it, but it allows torches other non-magical light sources to shine through. This makes for a good reason for people to carry glowstocks and torches, even if they can cast light at will. Huh, so we're going with an "order of operations" type of setup? On the one hand, it gives us our answer to what the final light level is when a light spell is strong enough to function within a darkened area.

There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1) by Claire Contreras

On the other hand, it gives us the weird situation where lesser light spells don't count as part of the "otherwise prevailing" lighting conditions within daylight 's special negation clause somewhat in conflict with what the phrase "otherwise prevailing" means. Oh well, the important thing is it's finally settled. Part of me does agree with Lamontius, though: I feel like the people who could read this blog and say "Oh, I get it!

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  7. Perhaps appending a shorter, usable-at-the-table-when-it-comes-up, bullet-pointed, step-by-step "light condition resolver" to the end of the blog might have been helpful? Still, overall, this puts it all in one place and answers one of the biggest remaining questions of the whole thing, so well done! Thanks for the detailed break down of the rules. I think my understanding was already correct, but this is a great resource to point other people to that might be confused!

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