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It is the anointing that recommends you for success. Your cup will run over by reason of the anointing and you will possess your possessions.

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Kings will send for you, and you will be at ease. Beloved, you need to be anointed. The power in the anointed oil is heavy and awesome. Therefore, you need to cultivate the habit of using the anointed oil to anoint your home and yourself on a daily basis before you step out of your house. When the devil sees it on you, he will run away.

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He knows he has no right or power to touch the anointed. Anoint your children before they go to school and anoint your business centre periodically. A man ran to us sometimes ago to complain that he got to his poultry farm one morning and discovered drops of blood around his big farm. The enemy had obviously done this. To neutralise it, he had to use drops of anointed oil on each drop of blood. Within few weeks, the evil agenda backfired and the evil doer died mysteriously.

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Always have the anointed oil with you. Arise today and anoint all around you and yourself before you pray these prayers. Father, I thank You, for the anointing that breaks all yokes, in the name of Jesus.

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Flatimes Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:. Lord Jesus, come into my life. When I first envisioned The Warrior Anointing, I saw a warrior in armor with his head bowed kneeling before the Lord Jesus to receive the anointing and the power he needed for the journey ahead. Beneath the armor, the warrior was drenched with sweat and blood, and he was shaking with exhaustion from the exertion of his trial thus far.

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His arms hung limp at his sides and he had the appearance of one who was thoroughly spent. That sounds like a description of many Christians I know who struggle with unseen forces bent on their destruction. The Warrior Anointing as a phrase cannot be found in scripture, but the idea of being or becoming a warrior for Jesus is certainly found all throughout scripture. This series of books illustrates what it really takes to become a true warrior for the Lord, how to discern the enemies activities, how to seek him out and then how to destroy his works.

Most people envision the idea of a warrior as someone who trains and engages in physical combat. Even the word warrior invokes images of physical combat. Yet, being a warrior for Jesus is not about the physical aspects of warfare even though at times it might feel like you have been in a physical battle.

But, as a spiritual warrior, most of our battles will be fought on our knees as we pray and intercede for people, communities and nations. We do not overcome evil by meeting it head on with greater force, or by returning blow for blow or evil for evil.

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We overcome evil and the evil one with good; by doing good, or the right thing in every situation that arises. We overcome evil with truth. We do not overcome evil in our own strength, but in the strength and anointing bestowed upon us by God. Power, love and a sound mind are key instruments in this war and these are our principle weapons.

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Father God just told me I had a Warriors anointing. I immediately saw myself on a horse and I was fully dressed in armor with a long staff that reached the ground.

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I did a search on the internet looking deeper into what God was telling me. I will check out your website and seek out help with what this vision from Heaven means. God bless you Linda! Sounds like you are dressed for battle and are preparing to enter into the fray.