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Meditate away.

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Say high-minded shit. Savor the way your goblin brain chews up the world into mean little bite-sized pieces. Find other goblins who get it.

Have some fucking fun for a change. Well, that person is very insecure. But you know what?

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Fuck them anyway. Fuck anyone dumb enough not to notice that. Alas, we cannot all live in Paradise. Perhaps you, like Mr.

Roided up asshole gets destroyed on the subway

Bennet from Pride and Prejudice , are an odd mixture of quick parts, sarcastic humor, reserve, and caprice. If so, you might love your people, but few of them will understand you. At least have the grace to understand yourself. About Archive Sign in. Judgy Assholes Unite! Smart, discerning people are judgmental.

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Dear Molly, I wanted to ask your advice about coming to terms with my judgy assholey-ness. Molly Eager to get judged by a sour goblin? Ari Berman. Kiera Butler. Pema Levy.

  1. Nichtsequentielle Programmierung mit Go 1 kompakt: Einführung in die Konzepte der grundlegenden Programmiertechniken für Betriebssysteme, Parallele Algorithmen, ... (IT kompakt) (German Edition);
  2. Perilous Voyages: Czech and English Immigrants to Texas in the 1870s (Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University).
  3. Walking on Nails.
  4. You Cannot Be a Smart Asshole.
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  6. Open roles.
  7. 24 People Who Would Be Assholes If They Weren't So Damn Smart;

Dan Friedman. Abigail Weinberg. James West. Help us test it. Subscribe to our magazine.

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Lunchtime Photo Kevin Drum. Now the Country Is Voting Again. Booker and Castro Have Different Plans. Nobody is impressed by your finesse and aggression. Nobody cares. Genuine understanding. A willingness to relate. Humbleness it's not not-humble to say you are humble unless you are proud of the fact and advertising this virtue to others.

50 Smart Ass Quotes

The willingness to compromise. Adherence to the principle of charity.

  1. 1. Don’t fall victim to "a--hole blindness.".
  2. Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo.
  3. A Whirlwind Opener (Book 1);

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