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Causes The Fall of Robespierre began on March 30, when he sent his fellow politicians Danton and Desmoulins to the guillotine. Danton was a staunch patriot, but also had qualities that Robespierre detested. Danton lived beyond his means consistently, and it was rumored that he had accepted bribes from aristocrats and the king.

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Robespierre's "Republic of Virtue" had no place for characters like Danton. Desmoulins was also condemned because he eloquently sided with Danton in his journal "The Old Cordelier," a journal which Robespierre labeled "counter-revolutionary. After this event, members of the Convention and the Committee eyed Robespierre with suspicion.

He had ordered the death of two of his close friends despite the fact that they had been popular among the people of Paris. Robespierre was the sole person who decided between wrong and right.

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The Convention saw Robespierre as a tyrant and his Republic of Virtue as authoritarian. A faction of the Convention banded together to destroy Robespierre before he destroyed the remaining members of the French government especially, when Robespierre and two followers had walked into the Convention holding a piece of paper, claimbing that it was a list of traitors when those in the comittee asked who was on the list Robespierre refused to answer and said all would be revealed the next day.

This was the biggest, and last mistake of Robespierres life Those in the comittee didnt know whether their name was on that list - even if they were not counter revolutionary they would have been executed without trial.

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The following day, 10 Thermidor 28 July , he was executed with 21 of his closest associates The Thermidorian regime that followed was, at the very least, less rigid, ending the Reign of Terror and allowing for more individual liberty, especially in areas of religion. At the same time, its economic policies paved the way for rampant inflation Ultimately, power devolved to the hands of the Directory, an executive of five men who assumed power in France in year III of the French Revolution.

The Terror Ended between the end of July and 31st May , the convention: abolished the revolutionary tribunal, following the execution of a further 63 people, including some who had been leading terrorists released all aspects from prision repealed the law of prairial and closed the jacobin club. Send email.

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