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Predictors of the onset of depression in young children: a multi-method, multi-informant longitudinal study from ages 3 to 6. J Child Psychol Psychiatry ; 55 : — Hippocampal changes associated with early-life adversity and vulnerability to depression. Biol Psychiatry ; 67 : — Neuroanatomical correlates of temperament in early adolescents. Structural brain development and depression onset during adolescence: a prospective longitudinal study. Am J Psychiatry ; : — Prediction of antidepressant treatment response from gray matter volume across diagnostic categories. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol ; 23 : — Cross-sectional and longitudinal assessment of structural brain alterations in melancholic depression.

Biol Psychiatry ; 69 : — Effect of hippocampal and amygdala volumes on clinical outcomes in major depression: a 3-year prospective magnetic resonance imaging study. J Psychiatry Neurosci ; 33 : — Serotonin transporter gene status predicts caudate nucleus but not amygdala or hippocampal volumes in older persons with major depression. J Affect Disord ; 98 : — MR-based in vivo hippocampal volumetrics: 2. Findings in neuropsychiatric disorders. Mol Psychiatry ; 10 : — A prospective meta-analysis comparing subcortical brain volume abnormalities in 2, patients with schizophrenia and 2, controls via the ENIGMA Consortium.

Mol Psychiatry in press. Reduced hippocampal volumes and memory loss in patients with early- and late-onset depression. Br J Psychiatry ; : — Reduced hippocampal volume correlates with executive dysfunctioning in major depression. J Psychiatry Neurosci ; 31 : — Brain volume alteration and the correlations with the clinical characteristics in drug-naive first-episode MDD patients: a voxel-based morphometry study. Neurosci Lett ; : 30— Gray matter reduction associated with psychopathology and cognitive dysfunction in unipolar depression: a voxel-based morphometry study.

J Affect Disord ; : — Neural plasticity and proliferation in the generation of antidepressant effects: hippocampal implication. Neural Plast ; : A naturalistic study of grey matter volume increase after early treatment in anti-psychotic naive, newly diagnosed schizophrenia.

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Psychopharmacology ; : — Early striatal hypertrophy in first-episode psychosis within 3 weeks of initiating antipsychotic drug treatment. Psychol Med ; 39 : — Effect of antipsychotic drugs on brain morphometry. A randomized controlled one-year follow-up study of haloperidol, risperidone and olanzapine. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry ; 32 : — Combining scores from different patient reported outcome measures in meta-analyses: when is it justified? Health Qual Life Outcomes ; 4 : Reduced subgenual cingulate volumes in mood disorders: a meta-analysis.

J Psychiatry Neurosci ; 33 : 91— MacQueen GM. Magnetic resonance imaging and prediction of outcome in patients with major depressive disorder. J Psychiatry Neurosci ; 34 : — Download references. Acknowledgments, funding sources, conflict of interest and author contributions can be found in Supplementary Information SI3.

The Enigma of Neuroimaging in ADHD

Correspondence to L Schmaal. Supplementary Information accompanies the paper on the Molecular Psychiatry website. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Reprints and Permissions. Schmaal, L. Mol Psychiatry 21, — doi Download citation. Neuroimaging Clinics of North America Journal of Neuroscience Methods Journal of Affective Disorders Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Chronobiology International Advanced search.

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Skip to main content. Subjects Neuroscience. Abstract The pattern of structural brain alterations associated with major depressive disorder MDD remains unresolved.

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Download PDF. Image processing and analysis Structural T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging brain scans were acquired at each site and analyzed locally using the fully automated and validated segmentation software FreeSurfer. Moderator analyses with meta-regression We tested whether mean age of each sample Supplementary Table S1 , magnetic resonance field strength, FreeSurfer version used for image processing Supplementary Table S4 , percentage of patients acutely depressed, percentage of patients with a co-occurring anxiety disorder, percentage of patients taking antidepressants and the percentage of patients taking antipsychotics Supplementary Table S2 explained a significant proportion of the variance in effect sizes across sites in the meta-analysis.

Figure 1.

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Full size image. Table 1 Full meta-analytic results for each mean structure for the MDD patients versus controls comparison controlling for age, sex, scan center and ICV Full size table. Figure 2.

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Discussion This worldwide effort to identify subcortical gray matter, lateral ventricle and total ICV alterations associated with MDD using an IPD-based meta-analytic approach showed robust reductions in hippocampal volume 1. Article Google Scholar 16 Hamilton M. Acknowledgements Acknowledgments, funding sources, conflict of interest and author contributions can be found in Supplementary Information SI3.

Additional information Supplementary Information accompanies the paper on the Molecular Psychiatry website. Supplementary information. Supplementary Information DOC 93 kb.

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Supplementary Tables DOC kb. Supplementary Figures DOC kb. PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint slide for Fig. Rights and permissions This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content.

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  3. Psychometrie: Die Aura der Gegenstände medial lesen und verstehen (German Edition).
  4. Journal of Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice. Authors Jeffrey A. Abstract Developing courses and programs in Information Assurance can feel like trying to force ten pounds of flour into a five pound sack. Recommended Citation Livermore, Jeffrey A. Enigmatic entries in her father's journal serve to deepen the mystery.

    As a young woman, a spirited and persevering Abby begins a journey of revelation when she travels to Africa to seek closure.

    Even there, ambiguity prevails. Was Ellen Stahl's death an accident? Or murder? As Abby manipulates a final confrontation between two brothers to expose the realities of the past, she discovers that love, acceptance, and reconciliation can transcend everything--even the truth. Reviews from Goodreads.