Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation: What Were You Thinking?

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My family is forever grateful for Ed and his entire staff. The time he took to get to We work with Katherine Provost and Kainen Law Group frequently for contracts and contract reviews for our surrogates.

Our surrogates are very important to us and we trust Katherine to be both competent and fair in the representation of From personal experience, I highly recommend Neil M. His expertise and years of experience in Divorce and Family Law was very beneficial and needed when interpreting the complexity of the current laws.

He listens, is professional, Ed Kainen continues to do an outstanding job representing and protecting the best interest of my family. Kainen is straight forward, clear on direction, and extremely knowledgeable. His ability to offer personal attention and quality Katherine Provost is so fantastic to work with. Custody can be very stressful, but with her experience knowledge and compassion, it gave me a sense of peace and confidence that a true professional is standing alongside me.

Embryo's implantation Day

I have worked Divorce is a terrible thing. I don't wish it on anybody. But if you find yourself faced with divorce, you will not find a better lawyer anywhere in Las Vegas than Ed Kainen. He is aggressive; accurate; he has a great support staff; and he Andrew Kynaston handled my child custody and child support dispute case.

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Andrew did an amazing job. His professionalism, compassionate deamor and expertise with family law helped immensly. His professional guidance of the case put me at Ed is a true professional. He was a pleasure to work with. He did a fantastic job with my divorce. He was attentive, responsive, and very easy to work with. He answered all my emails and phone calls promptly and worked out a settlement that I had a great experience with Kainen Law Group.

They were all very professional and made the divorce process very easy for me. Neil is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does Want to express my thanks and gratitude to Neil for his services and help during my entire divorce process.

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Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation: What Were You Thinking? By Theresa M. Erickson

He and his team made me as comfortable and confident as one could possibly be in a situation like this, and I am positive it would How do I say this, I had one nasty, politically charged, screwed up, irregularities in the record, volatile, divorces and custody cases ever. My case should have never been complex but due to opposing it was made complex. I filed the motion My husband and I used Neil for the adoption of our Granddaughter. He was very professional and thorough.

The adoption went very smoothly and we were very pleased with him and his staff.

Considering IVF, donor treatment or surrogacy overseas?

The divorce representation I sought from Mr. Kainen was a bit unconventional due to the unique circumstances of my case, but the efficiency of the representation, availability of Mr. Kainen, and responsiveness of he and his staff made me Ed was the best.

Very knowledgable and understanding of my interests and ensured I was well advised and protected. Extremely fair and down-to-earth easy to talk with.

Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, &; Egg Donation

I have recommended Ed to other friends and have only ever received I have had the opportunity to work with Neil twice. I was using someone else and did not feel she was doing all she could or had the knowledge. A simple case of child support had turned into a 3 ring Neil worked out my divorce to save me time, money, and aggravation. The issue became a 4 year battle with my ex who was determined to punish me.

The process was reduced down by Neil and his team to the basics. Every step of the way he and Please try another browser, or install the latest version of your favorite browser below:. Many people who struggle with infertility find egg donation, sperm donation or surrogacy appealing options to grow their family. Although not quite the path you thought you would travel, these options can have high success rates and patients who choose them report feeling very happy that they did. Discovering that donor eggs or sperm is your best chance of having a baby can be hard to hear and often people respond quite emotionally.

A biological connection is very important to many people, and realizing that is not possible can be difficult. Although everyone responds differently, the majority of our patients who use donor eggs or sperm tell us that the experience of pregnancy creates an amazing intimacy and connection with the baby, every flutter and kick strengthens your bond. You will experience the process of giving birth, be the first to hold your baby and then share a home and life with the child you created. Women who use fresh embryos created by donor eggs have over a 70 percent chance of getting pregnant.

Whether our patients choose this path because of early menopause, diminished ovarian reserve or multiple failed In Vitro Fertilization IVF cycles, we are committed to guiding them through the process and being there for them every step of the way. This is an excellent choice for men who experience severe male infertility.

Some other reasons our patients consider sperm donation include a women in a same-sex relationship or single women.


Donated eggs are used only with IVF cycles. The resulting embryo s , when ready, are transferred to your uterus.

Apply to be an Egg Donor

Your cycle will have been timed, via medication, so your uterus is prepared to receive the embryo s. Generally, egg and sperm donors are between 21 and 30 years old. You may ask someone you know to donate, or, more commonly, patients choose a donor from an anonymous database. All donors must participate in extensive medical and psychological screening.

A surrogate is a wonderful option for women who have trouble carrying a baby to term and for men in a gay male partnership.