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He believes that he is applying to poetry art-world practices that are nearly a century old. The art world has become so accustomed to outrage and turmoil that it is now nearly indifferent to controversy, he said. Poetry is such an easy place to go in and break up the house. A lyric poet typically intends to express a thought or a feeling.

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Goldsmith placed coffee in front of him. If they move a reader, it is by means of uncanny associations and the sense that they read as if written by a person. Goldsmith poured himself a glass of water, then sat down. Our grandfathers who inspired us had a kind of perfect endgame—things like language poetry.

Language poets believed that the meaning words held was as important as the way they were used. Finally, language got so atomized that there was nothing left to do. It was language as grains of sand. Each allows only one vowel. Goldsmith believes that the Internet, with its cataract of words, made obsolete the figure of the writer as an isolated man or woman endeavoring to produce an original work.

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Instead of depending mainly on his or her capacity for invention, the new writer transports information. He or she retypes and recasts, archives, assembles, and cuts and pastes, passing along pieces of writing and blocks of text, the way people do on social media. Benjamin relies heavily on passages taken from other writers. Goldsmith spent ten years in libraries copying sentences, which he organized into two categories, concrete and abstract. Goldsmith developed his stagy voice while working as a disk jockey. Between and , he had a radio show on WFMU, a progressive station in New Jersey, where he played avant-garde music and performed avant-garde gestures.

The show was broadcast once a week, for three hours. For an entire show, he played a recording of two men snoring. Another time, he had listeners call in and scream. He believes that challenging someone not to listen or read makes the person pay closer attention. Goldsmith was born in Freeport, Long Island, in His high-school enthusiasms were drugs and art. On their first date, he took her at four in the morning to an all-night supermarket in a small town in Rhode Island, where he interrogated people about what they had in their carts and why they were in the supermarket at that hour.

One, a lawyer named Finkelstein, changed his name to Field. Turns into a wicked alcoholic, loses his job, and becomes a rent collector on the West Side, carrying a gun and picking up cash. The business was called Bromleigh Coats. A lyric poem exists in a context of ambiguity. Conceptual poems are the result of their method. A lyric poem might pass through many versions before arriving at its final form; a conceptual poem has only one version. As soon as Goldsmith decided to copy an edition of the Times , or present the transcript of a broadcast, the poem existed.

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A poem must also address a deep subject. Lyric poets tend to be allergic to conceptual poetry. The poet C. I associate him with a certain kind of avant-garde spectacle. Marjorie Perloff is widely considered the most influential critic of experimental poetry. All his works are not equally good. My students love it, though. They like that he presented, in an almost Joycean way, what it is like to experience a single day.

Many of these writers identify themselves as poets of color.

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