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Ben, Lightroom gives a lot less options to tweak the final output of the image.

I often use Lightroom to export images myself, but when I need to showcase my work, I only do it in Photoshop…. I tried it out on my own. I would set output sharpening to high. When I happened upon it, I was blown away. I tweak in Lightroom and then finish the work in Photoshop.

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I noticed you image is on 72 ppi resolution before you down size it, which is not the case for me, my camera generates files at ppi. Did you down size the resolution as well before starting the down sampling process? Thank you so much for the tutorial. PPI inside a graphics file is just value; changing this value merely changes the number, and nothing else.

Read this: www. It even says that in the link you posted:.

How to Make Multiple Social Media Posts in One Photoshop File with Artboards

Exact same file size. Try it yourself in Photoshop. Thank you for all the replies. Just to be clear: there is no need to set the ppi value higher than 72 ppi unless you are printing?

Jorge, when you export pictures out of Lightroom or Photoshop, the ppi value does not matter. You can set it to 1 or and you will an image with exactly the same size.

How to See Actual Print Size in Photoshop: CIIT Tutorial

PPI is only relevant for print. Whatever ppi value you set upon export, whether it is Lightroom, Photoshop or any other application, all they do is write the ppi value into the file metadata.

Photoshop image size and resolution

What this means is that when the photo is sent to print, the printer will already know at which ppi to print. But you can easily override this before you print. So why set it to 72 ppi? The monitor is only going to display it at whatever resolution the monitor was built to which is commonly 96 ppi. Ben, please read my response above — yes, you can set it to whatever you want.

The ppi value data is only written as metadata. It does not expand or reduce image size. Ben, you are confusing things here. In this case for images, ppi is not the same as pixel pitch or dotch pitch — it only relates to the printing process well, it kind of is, but it is not :. Physical pixels got smaller. Whether I extract an image in 72 ppi or 96 ppi, they will look identical on your monitor. The only way to increase resolution is to increase the dimension of a photo, so that it appears larger. Simply because we are dealing with a pixel image.

If you took two identical pixel images and used them on these monitors, the high resolution monitor would simply show the pixel image smaller :. Yes, I understand that after thinking about it more. All of those sources would say to export the photo to the resolution of the monitor for web use. Ben, perhaps I should write another article on PPI to clear things up? Looks like this is a famous topic that is misunderstood by many… I have received lots of emails on topic so far.

Or maybe even just adding a quick statement in this tutorial addressing the issue would make things clear enough. At least when putting an image on your own websites we can tell the site what width to display it at. Nasim, thank you very much for clarifying this. I also think it would be a great idea to write an article on PPi. I read many of your articles and reviews and they are excellent. What is confusing to me is that in Photoshop, if I go to image size and have: Pixel dimensions: 29 mb Document size: aprox. Then I change the resolution to 72 pixels per inch and I have this: Pixel dimensions: 2.

This part is for me a bit confusing. Thanks again! Thanks, this is awesome. This is my first post on your site. Have been following your blogs for about a month now and I can already do wonderful things with my camera as well as in post processing. Thanks a lot for all these wonderful tutorials. I have a question regarding post processing the images. Can we have some kind of customized presets in Lightroom apart from the standard ones, for batch processing or may be processing images which were taken in similar conditions.

How to Properly Resize Images in Photoshop

Can you share some tips and tricks for creating such presets. Hello Nasim: I dont understand why dont you use the true resize or down-sample the imagen in Photoshop. Oh yes, now you can see the real and true relation between the PPI and width and height.

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If you change the ppi, you can see how change the other parameter at the same time. You know? Now, if you want the file for Internet, put it on 72 ppi. The dimension resize. Write the dimension you want to upload to internet, and you see above the new weight of the file.

Facebook Business Page Image Sizes

I wonder if it will be close to the slides. The film photo is going expensive and loose many many time in going and back from the lab. Very good web site, Nasim Hasta pronto. Do oskorogo Javi, from Spain. One of which is that a Mac computer is a must for the pros. Can you please share what are the requirements for a good photography computer hardware, software, etc?

Keep up the good work! Dear Nasim, I love your work, reviews, feedback to us, just everything, thank you so much. I have enjoyed and learned a lot by this resizing article. Can you please make one just like it with the step by steps for preparing photos to upload to stock agencies for submission?

Or would this one above work? Or direct me to a good tutorial? I would so very much appreciate your help and thanks for your timely and consistent weekly emails, love them, read them faithfully. I shoot Canon products but love and learn from Nikon as well. Thanks very much, Kathleen.

Nasim, enjoyed your article very much, quite useful as any others. I am eager to read your promised article about image down-sampling with LR, as well, as I am rather on the natural photographer side, who prefer to minimize image manipulation and for this reason I need and use LR instead of PS. Your articles and postings are extremely helpful. Also, your photographs are absolutely breathtaking. I have to say….. I have learned so much from you and lola…. Hope someday i will be able to repay your good deeds to people like us.

This is all i can do right now …to thank you and include you in our prayers….