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This show won two Emmy Awards.

He famously quipped to the Washington Post that he "stole a spoon" during the evening gala. In , Greene had radio personality Howard Stern on his show for what was one of Stern's first television appearances. Stern appeared on the show in blackface , which Greene found funny. The two shared a mutual admiration, as they both dealt with such controversial subjects as race and politics, with Stern since recognizing him as an influence. Stern later called Greene a "broadcasting genius" in his book Private Parts.

This organization remains devoted to helping former prisoners succeed in legitimate ways and to advocate prison reform. Following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Greene was diagnosed with liver cancer in Greene died on January 10, , thirteen days before his 53rd birthday. The book is a result of conversations recorded between Greene and author Lurma Rackley. Mitchell, is a member of the white supremacist group The Seventh Kavalry, a KKK-esque group inspired by the journal left by Rorschach of the original Watchmen comic, in one of a few nods that position this as a sequel set thirty-four years after the comic. The appearance of Jeremy Irons as an eccentric lord celebrating an anniversary seems to imply that Veidt, or Ozymandias, is remaining part of the series, and there is a brief TV glimpse of Dr Manhattan on Mars, but otherwise this is so far an entirely new set of characters and issues, and the issue of the Kavalry is passed to Angela Abar Regina King and the Tulsa Chief of Police Judd Crawford Don Johnson.

Angela is a baker, and ex-police, but on receiving a mysterious pager message, she suits up and goes into vigilante mode as Sister Knight. King could not look more bad-ass, with eye make-up, cowl, and a cloak to die for. She quickly hunts out the cop-shooter, and her colleague Looking Glass Tim Blake Nelson, wearing a reflective hood interrogates him in a psychedelic chamber flashing with political images. Coupled with Red Scare Andrew Howard , the show quickly sketches a central detective team who are effectively vigilante superheroes in their own right, with independent personalities and apparent leeway in the violent methods they use.

Accompanied by a masked police force, the secretive military state is quite terrifying. And yet they are our heroes, pitted against a Kavalry who are prepared to stop at nothing to end what they see as black dominance. The pilot episode does some excellent setting-up. The characters are nicely developed, especially Judd, who sings from Oklahoma! And the deep world-building — through trailers for TV shows, briefly glimpsed newspaper pages, an all-black staging of Oklahoma!

Tick tock. The Fox and the Hound has neither. The premise has promise. Tod the fox Keith Coogan and Copper the dog Corey Feldman , who live in neighbouring homesteads, become friends as cub and pup, playing together.

And when Chief is further hurt while chasing Tod, Copper swears vengeance. The plot acts as a potentially interesting allegory for racism.

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The two children know nothing of difference, or of the antipathy they are meant to have for one another. But as they begin encountering prejudice, the older generation start reinforcing the differences. In a choice that seems obviously loaded, Tod is mentored by the owl Big Mama played by the only black member of the voice cast, Pearl Bailey, who advises Tod on how to avoid getting shot.

There are tonal difficulties throughout, however, that prevent the film reaching its potential.

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But then it introduces cutesy animals engaging in slapstick while the music continues to score a serious melodrama. The comedy subplot involving two birds trying to track down a caterpillar is so poorly written that it borders on the offensive, and it intervenes at random intervals with complete disregard to the flow of the film. The antipathy between Amos and his neighbour Widow Tweed Jeanette Nolan flails between the comedic and the serious without rationale.

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And a late-stage love plot between Tod and Vixey Sandy Duncan has no significant bearing on the rest of the film. The Fox and the Hound illustrates by negative example just how difficult creating a Disney film is.

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The ingredients are there, but feel undercooked and thus poorly integrated into a cohesive whole. The Fifth Season is the first of N. While by the end of the first novel it is still, surprisingly, not entirely clear what the story will be, The Fifth Season patiently sets up the threads of back story, character connections, and a complex society built around unstable plate tectonics, tracing three interwoven stories of women of different ages to offer glimpses into a repressive and terrifying world.

Essun sets out in vengeful search of her husband and child, just as a massive tectonic rupture begins an ash fall that signals the end of the world. What quickly emerges are the inequities of the world. The world is made up of The Stillness, a single continent built across several fault lines. Coastal areas are rich and fecund, but also prone to being wiped out regularly by tsunamis. Dec 8 Varied Dates.

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