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Olympes de la Parole France. Left: The 18th Olympes de la Parole Award.

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Right: The Primary, middle and Secondary School students participating in the Edition of the Competition and their professors. The Olympes de la Parole competition aims to encourage boys and girls alike to examine issues relevant to gender. Students are incited to reflect upon the perceived values each person, male and female, in school and in society through the lens of equality between boys and girls.

This competition offers a unique opportunity for primary, middle and secondary school girls and boys to engage in the global conversation on gender equality and learn how to influence policies that foster a gender equal society. The candidates present a written file and illustrate the theme of the year by playing a skit before the jury. A jeun. Au printemps. Au suivant.

Bruxelles Texte. Ce qu'il vous faut.

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Chanson sans paroles. Comment tuer l'amant de sa femme L'amant de sa femme. De deux vieilles notes.

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Dis-moi tambour. Paroles Jacques Brel. Dors ma mie. Fils de.

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Grand Jacques C'est trop facile. M 'man.

Il pleut Les carreaux de l'usine. Je suis l'ombre des chansons. L'ostendaise Une ostendaise.

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La chanson des vieux amants. Paroles originales de Carl Niessen. The rally, which 10 years earlier would have provoked snickering coverage in the national press, was given respectful, if somewhat muted, attention. Women reporters started sharing their own stories of harassment and even assault by powerful men.

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For French women, this could be the end of an era in which talking too forcefully about inequities between men and women has been rejected as too old-school, too angry, too American. French feminists have struggled for decades to walk the line between their goal of female empowerment and the cultural mandate of seduction, to stake out a position of Gallic exceptionalism that would essentially allow women to have it both ways.

But French women never really were successful in having their cake and eating it too.