OCD Snippets, Living with OCD and CBT, Part one

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Please take a look. Some pics from the amazing OCD Gamechangers event a couple of weeks ago with theocdstories pureochrissie mattshoobridge and the most amazing psychotherapist Ruji Rahman!

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Really awesome memories of the event keep popping up and making me smile. It was such a wonderful event. Really positive and full of hope. It was fantastic to meet everyone. To spread awareness I am offering a free online class on understanding childhood OCD. Without a full understanding Even parents who have been on this OCD journey for a long time, have learned things from this class. Take action today and start rolling up your sleeves. Parents can help their children.

In fact, they are in the best position to do so. Help Your Child:. Emma McCabe. At the Well done!!

Catherine Benfield was diagnosed with OCD as a young mum. Creating a character who personifies her condition helped her recovery. That saucepan is just looking to be lobbed across the living room…. I scratched my head with my stick on nails and wondered what the subject could be. I am almost 10 years on from the mummy…. Neurons connecting. I've been there, so have many others. You are not alone. New ocd workbook for kids coming out 26th November.

About the Conference Celebrate our 15th annual conference in as we bring our nationwide annual conference to Northampton on Saturday 16th November Each year we push the boundaries to deliver an informative and inspiring event and 's conference will be one to remember. Sometimes even your therapist tells you to leave the relationship.

But what if you find out that this is a pervasive pattern for your partner? What if you discover that your partner might be a sex addict? Continue Reading. We all make fun of Tom Cruise for his beliefs that you can cure depression with exercise alone, but my guess — based on the reactions I get and the conversations I have when I throw out the D word — is that most people share his philosophy What do we do about it? How do we possibly stand a chance at fighting such an uninformed but common mindset?

Ever since Sue started spending more time with her friend Amanda, Beth had noticed a change in her behavior. I had the nagging feeling that Sue was pulling away from me and our relationship. I know nothing physical was happening between the two of them. It just didn't feel right.

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Single parenting is extremely difficult. Single parenting with family-based trauma is borderline impossible. There are so many times I have wanted to stop a parenting moment in mid-stream, so I could research possible approaches on the Internet. I don't know what I would have done without the countless books, articles and Google searches that have taught me how to be a parent.

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I have come a long way in the past seven years. I'm much more patient.

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I am willing to apologize and admit when I am wrong sometimes. I don't spank. I yell significantly less. My children are not exposed to my dangerous biological family. They live a safe life. So safe that it might be too safe. Yes, I am one of those helicopter parents.

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Excited about the news, you begin to share with a group of friends. Pretty soon your excitement has exited stage left and you want that moment back. So what are some ways you can effectively deal with critical or negative people?

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Nice Guys Finish Last? An Excuse Without Meaning Nice guys finish last. However, I do sincerely question the relevancy of being nice as an excuse to explain rejection. To bathe in their wisdom.

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