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Do this by changing the font-size from "default" to "small" on the left hand menu. Choose from 4 options to find the size that best fits your needs. Green Chartreuse liqueur -1 oz. Add the gin, lime juice, Green Chartreuse, and simple syrup. Fill the shaker with ice. Shake well about 20 good shakes and strain into 2 rocks glasses filled with ice.

Top with seltzer. Garnish with fennel fronds. This St. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with a lime wheel and serve immediately. Garnish the cocktail with a ripe, sliced Georgia peach. Don Shirley Mahershala Ali and Tony Lip Viggo Mortensen forge a great relationship by the end of this film, our drink becomes more balanced and nuanced as it comes together. Green Chartreuse liqueur - 2 oz. Irish whiskey - 2 oz. Shake well. Strain into 2 chilled coupe glasses. The yellow liquid includes honey and saffron in the secret recipe and is a bit more melodic, while the green version is sharper and arguably, more complex.

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Once chilled, dump the ice and water. Rinse the glass with Chartreuse and discard remaining liquid. In a mixing glass, stir sugar and bitters together until sugar is a bit diluted. Add whiskey and ice and stir for about 40 seconds. Strain into chilled old fashioned glass.

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Twist lemon peel over the drink to express the oils and rub, skin side up, over the rim of the glass. The finish is spicy and warming, with anise, white pepper and ginger heat. It's a bit too viscous and fiery for straight-up sipping, but it's beautifully complex and a key ingredient for the classic Last Word and other cocktails.

Chartreuse is very impressive to people not generally accustomed to the bartending world. Its high-proof, so youll want to serve it with something fatty, something able to cut through all that alcohol. Like a rib. Something rich, with a lot of spices. The Last Word is a great Chartreuse cocktail. It is crazy simple and so good. Last Word oz. Made by French monks from a secret recipe of different plants, this liqueur is sweet, herbal and pungentjust a little bit is all you need. It comes in two varieties: Green Chartreuse is slightly higher in alcohol and more intensely flavored and more expensive , and Yellow Chartreuse is a bit sweeter and milder.

Its commonly seen today in the recently popular Last Word cocktail, a mix of equal parts gin, Green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and lime juice. Read full article here. Rich and sweet with a bright peppery balance.

A classic. Still superb after years. Flavors are bold and sweet, with a slight earthiness and alcohol heat. Finishes sharp, herbal, grassy, floral and complex. Thick and viscous. A classic for gin-based cocktail.

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It is made from herbs, plants and flowers found in the French Alps. It is proof and has an intense floral and herbal flavor with hints of cloves, citrus, thyme, rosemary and cinnamon. The Aries drink recipe, features honeydew melon, gin, seltzer and Chartreuse. Was there any difference between my two samples of Chartreuse?

None at all. I was wrong. The silent monks, it seems, got the last word on this subject, so I'll bring you the Last Word cocktail as a sort of homage to the Carthusians.

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Shake for approximately 15 seconds and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. The palate is lushly textured, herbal sweet, peppery and minerally. Sublime aftertaste.

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Add lavender simple syrup, rose water, mint leaf, gin, Chartreuse and ice; shake. Fill a highball or double old-fashioned glass partway with ice; strain cocktail into prepared glass. Garnish with cucumber spear and honeydew melon ball. Mix a base spirit with two liqueurs, add a twist of lemon, and you're in Purgatory. Or Purgatory is in you.

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When I looked at the formula on paper I envisioned them fighting each other for attention in the glass, but they actually complement each other well. The Benedictine brings honey into play under a fairly soft herbal blanket, and the Chartreuse brings some astringency into the picture, along with another burst of herbs. Layer upon layer of flavors leap out of the glass when you sip a Purgatory. Stir for approximately 30 seconds, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, add garnish. It's an herbal liqueur, invented in by monks in the French Alps.

The recipe is secret, but they're happy to tell you how to turn it into a ''Chartini'' -- 1 ounce Chartreuse, 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce cranberry juice, 1 ounce orange juice. Shake over crushed ice and pour into a martini glass, rimmed with sugar. Recommended for getting you through hurricane season. Word of mouth is the ultimate form of marketing. Which could be a little difficult if your most knowledgeable staff members have taken a vow of silence. The owners and producers of Chartreuse—a liqueur made from herbs and plants—are Carthusian monks who live an ascetic life dedicated to prayer and contemplation at a monastery called La Grande Chartreuse, nested in the French Alps in Voiron, near Grenoble.

In the U.

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Having women hand out free samples is probably another selling tool unavailable to a religious order, yet total U. Green Chartreuse, which was first sold in , retails in the U. Back in the Alps, technology has also become part of the distillation and by extension the contemplation process. Instead, the technology allows the pair to oversee the process remotely via television monitors in their cells. The goal, says Roget, is not to boost production but rather to allow the monks more time for spiritual activities.

There is no product placement either. The liqueur and its producers—the Chartreuse monks, as they are called in France—are inextricably bound up in a mystery that not even Roget has cracked.