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Every writer should strive for this writer has done: leave the writer wanting more. By Karen Doering. He met his fate at the young age of only seventeen. Elijah Fitzgerald, sets out to find the one person who changed his life.

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He finds his conquest fueled by the lust and hunger of his innermost desires, far beyond his wildest dreams. Will he ever find "The One" who will tame his ways forever? A story filled with love, lust, betrayal and deceit. By Brittany. My Hero Is My Monster. Ava is only four when her life is destroyed by a "Hero" who turned into the monster in her bed every night. Instead of separating them from the experience, she has them see what she aspires to do, and how she personally is trying to shape the world.

In Jordan, Jolie has been doing the best she could to lift the spirits of Syrian refugees. She spoke to families, listened to their harrowing experiences, and imparted both her thoughts and her empathy.

She spoke on grave topics, such as war, and certainly immersed her and her family as much as she could in personally attempting to connect and uplift the refugees. Her children were working closely with her, meeting children their age going through horrific things miles away from what most people in America could even fathom. Like their mother, they tried to help and forge connections with other children that could give them hope.

In France, they toured the Louvre, gaining a lighter, but also very much important, exposure to art and culture. By exposing her children to a wide range of experiences, she is helping them form a broader picture of the world. She keeps the spectrum of their learning experience diverse. Jolie retains the perspective of art and culture as a valuable mind-shaping tool, as equally as other learning topics. Using tutors, time management, and homeschooling, she has broadened that impact to the best of her ability. In fact, Jolie tries to keep her family around her as often as possible, weaving their new experience with irreplaceable family time.

Museum trips can be a sneaky way to sneak learning into fun, and often can merge into informal history lessons. Some volunteering can be done involving the whole family, as well. It was difficult for Jolie to balance her personal health and putting her children first in the midst of a divorce, and with the prioritization of her children, she neglected her health more than she desired to.

Putting your children first is always admirable. This spurred her to return to a much greater focus and awareness of her health. Though it might feel oppositional, she felt she was then more able to provide the best care for her children by doing so. She was also setting an example for them, showing her strength and never losing sight of self-preservation.

All mothers could probably benefit from cutting themselves slack about trying to keep up a bare minimum of self-care. Through the rigors of divorce, she has felt more pressure, but that was when she needed her health the most. Finding the time for self-care might be the last priority, but neglecting it will eventually taint the energy needed to put a good foot forward. Retaining an acute awareness of how her children are faring through these events is also crucial to her parenting style.

Jolie hopes by banding together they can suffer the least and provide the most emotional support even in the worst of times. Jolie has had to strengthen the bond between herself and her children, instead of letting these events distance them or leave them in a negative pattern. In this interview, she also extolled the presence of friendship between parent and child.

This is one way to ensure that communication is imparted to her children as a top priority. Jolie advocates for a balance between parents, in terms of who takes on the role of disciplinarian. Speaking of the differences between them, she acknowledges that balance between the two is important to remember. Jolie also believes that any parenting techniques should play on the strength of both partners.

It is also important not to undermine the other parent and their beliefs. Support and communication between the parents is crucial, especially in establishing a foundation of constant helpful boundaries for her children. The uniformity of the rules between partners will serve to minimize confusion.

That helps enforce the rules both parents believe in even with the other parent is absent.


Jolie often brings her children on the red carpets and even along with her to award shows. She has involved many of her children in her films. She was able to play and find joy with them and still fit in work in this way. Daughter Vivienne Pitt-Jolie was featured next to Jolie in her film Maleficent , and viewers can see the playfulness she exudes in the film, as she interacts both verbally and non-verbally with her young daughter.

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Sometimes she even decides to waive a project to place her emphasis on her children. They can explain their motivations and how their work contributes to the world. Jolie herself often weaves her humanitarian work and messages into her film projects, and always works especially hard to convey this to her children.

She is often seen next to them in photographs, clearly involving them from an early age in both the glittery world of Hollywood as well as bringing them to war-ravaged countries and third-world nations, such as Ethiopia and Cambodia.

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In this way, her children and their view of reality is never stilted in either direction and is widened beyond the myopic opulence of Hollywood life. When it comes to finding an emotionally comfortable place, Jolie also draws upon the strength of close female friends. You are now registered! The One and Only Endemol U. Waiter jackets, doorman, bellboy, concierge, barman and receptionists outfits. Beaded and chiffon 's cocktail dresses, Judy Garland style evening dress. Porn star negligees, hippy outfit, pregnancy dress, rap outfit etc. The Kumars at No. Motorbike suit, old man's outfits, adult nappy, comedy octopus costume.

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