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When diseases like inflammatory bowel diseases, coeliac disease, cystic fibrosis, thyroid or adrenal diseases are excluded, then the most frequent causes of short stature are familial short stature FSS , idiopathic short stature ISS and constitutional delay of growth and puberty CDGP. The diagnosis of the causes underlying short stature sometimes is not easy and availability of growth velocity and growth trajectory is very important for a proper evaluation of a child with short stature.

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Assessing the severity of the short stature is also important to facilitate decisions about intervention, when appropriate. In recent years research has given a major contribution to facilitate the deciphering of short stature, with particular reference to discovering of new genes regulating the secretion of GH, IGF-1, ALS, etc. When a diagnosis is made, then the decision to treat or not to treat with GH must be taken; children with GH deficiency, Turner syndrome, SGA, may respond very well to treatment and increase their final height significantly.

In other children the outcomes are less advantageous.

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Therefore, further research is needed to increase our knowledge in this field and, more importantly, to improve the long term prognosis and final height of short children. Nevertheless, several studies, carried out to evaluate response to vaccination, suggested that they showed a satisfactory response to immunization and developed protective serum antibody levels, including the PCV-7, PCV, and PCV pneumococcal vaccine, although slightly reduced as compared to term infants [].

The same may apply to combined vaccines, as the hexavalent that should be administered in accordance to the summary of product characteristics [8]. As for rotavirus vaccination in hospitalized infants, some recommendations suggest to wait until discharge [3], while others consider safe its use in the NICU, with appropriate infection control precautions [].

The occurrence of vaccine-attributable adverse events such as fever, local inflammatory reaction, prolonged crying, and irritability are not increased in preterm vaccine recipients. However, extremely low birth weight infants, particularly if immunized before hospital discharge, may show episodes of apnea, bradycardia and desaturation, partly associated to an inflammatory response, that resolve spontaneously in most cases. It is therefore prudent to ensure a 48 hours period of observation and monitoring after administration in these infants [11,12]. In conclusion, according to guidelines issued several years ago and recently reaffirmed, preterm infants should be immunized following chronological age, or when stability has been reached, and should receive full vaccine doses [3].

The measles-mumps-rubella vaccination, to be administered usually after 12 months of age, is also highly recommended [13]; the vaccine could be anticipated in the preterm, in relation to the lower risk of interference by maternal antibodies, which are no longer measurable after six months of age [14].

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Although there are no particular contraindications to vaccination in preterm infants, other than those considered for term newborns, it is common to observe a delay of the beginning of vaccinations, as confirmed by both Italian [15, 16]and foreign studies. It is therefore highly needed a public information campaign, to disseminate the word on the incomparable resource available with vaccinations, and to underline the particular usefulness in some categories of high-risk patients, such as those born preterm.

Vaccines and preterm neonates: why, when, and with what. Immunization of preterm infants. Hum Vaccin Immunother. General Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization. Safety and immunogenicity of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in preterm infants: a meta-analysis. Indian J Pediatr. Schedules for pneumococcal vaccination of preterm infants: An RCT.

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Immunization of preterm infants with valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. Immunization of preterm infants with GSK's hexavalent combined diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-hepatitis B-inactivated poliovirus-Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine: A review of safety and immunogenicity.

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Risk of rotavirus nosocomial spread after inpatient pentavalent rotavirus vaccination. Respiratory decompensation and immunization of preterm infants.

Pediatr Infect Dis J. Humoral immune response to measles and varicella vaccination in former very low birth weight preterm infants. Braz J Infect Dis. Effect of early measles vaccination AIK-C strain for preterm infants. Pediatr Int. Timeliness of routine immunization in a population-based Italian cohort of very preterm infants: results of the ACTION follow-up project. Are pre-terms born timely and right immunized?

Results of an Italian cohort study.

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The effect of media pressure has determined, in recent years, a lower interest of the population to immunization programmes, increasing the risk of serious consequences for health. The current National Vaccination Prevention Plan develops in continuity to the previous one, sharing the general objective of harmonizing the prevention strategies actually carried out in Italy, in order to guarantee the full benefits of vaccination to the whole population.

A series of strategies can be carried out in order to create organizational models that aim to increase vaccination coverage. Among these, especially with regards to the developmental age and adolescence, there are health education interventions and the administration of vaccinations in alternative settings. The School, for example, represents the ideal setting for the development of such actions [1].

In addition, internal communication among the various figures involved in the vaccination world Pediatricians and Immunization Services Operators is the basis of an effective system of cooperation that would lead to an improvement in coverage. In the Health Local Unit ASL of Taranto, the integration of health promotion and vaccination programmes seems to be a sustainable solution: the comparative assessment of anti-HPV coverage strategies, suggests that school vaccination has resulted in significantly better outcomes than outpatient clinic one, for all the groups considered overall Building a cooperation system is necessary in order to achieve ambitious goals.

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The institutional reinforcement between public health and the education system, as well as a multidisciplinary collaboration approach in the vaccination field, are two excellent examples of how these strategies are crucial for achieving ideal coverage [3]. Vandelaer J, Olaniran M. Using a school-based approach to deliver immunization — A global update.

Universal proposal strategies of anti-HPV vaccination for adolescents: comparative analysis between school-based and clinic immunization programs. J Prev Med Hyg. Paul P, Fabio A.

go to site Literature review of HPV vaccine delivery strategies: considerations for school- and non-school based immunization program. The physical abuse is defined as the intentional use of physical force against a child that results in—or has a high likelihood of resulting in—harm for the child's health, survival, development, or dignity.

Much physical violence against children in the home is inflicted with the object of punishing [1]. Depending on the type of force involved, specific injury patterns are produced on the body of the child, the morphology and localization of which are forensically relevant [2]. Among the diverse lesions that it can be found in maltreated children, same are peculiar and may help to differentiate these forms from accidental injuries:. The severity of the resulting thermal lesion is the product of temperature and exposure time [].

It is difficult to estimate its incidence because not all the abused children reach the medical system [9]. For these reasons, long since the scientific community is working hard to identify certain data in order to reach accurate diagnosis of AHT. Several studies have demonstrated programs are effective in reducing the incidence of the syndrome. Starting from a national network of centres of excellence equipped with a protection team at five main teaching third —level hospitals, coordinated by the no profit organization Terre des Hommes , the prevention strategy, the target population and the main message were defined, according to the evidence derived from the international literature review combined with the expert in-the-field experiences.

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  • A prevention TV video spot and few synthetic parents-friendly information was provided in the first Italian dedicated web-site [ www. World report on violence and health. Geneva: World Health Organization; Michael Tsokos Diagnostic criteria for cutaneous injuries in child abuse: classification, findings, and interpretation Forensic Sci Med Pathol. Cutaneous signs of child abuse. Vale GL. Dentistry, bite marks and the investigation of crime. J Calif Dent Assoc. Nuzzolese E, Di Vella G. The development of a colorimetric scale as a visual aid for the bruise age determination of bite marks and blunt trauma.

    J Forensic Odontostomatol. Ellis P. Cutaneous findings in children. Forensic pathology of infancy and childhood.