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One Desire "This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins" (Official Audio)

Oct 09, Danette Steward rated it liked it Shelves: killion-kimberly. The year The book took a while to get into, but once I did then it was edge of your seat suspense. Will look for other books by author.

Her One Desire

Sensuality: HOT. Sep 03, Kat rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. What a fantastic first book for Killion! Not sure who I loved more, Broc or Lizbeth. Broc is one hell of an alpha hero - strong, protective, honorable And Lizbeth? Though she's the daughter of the Lord High Executioner, she cares for the prisoners who her father kills and tortures. She is reviled by many simply because of who her father is.

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Though frightened, she is compelled to save innocent Broc from sure death. Her strength, despite her fear, is what makes her a fantastic heroine. I thought it was interesting to have a main character with OCD counting. And we learn why, which I won't ruin here. Their escape keeps you riveted, and their romance keeps you reaching for the ice water! Aug 06, Keri rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed , romance-historical , s-reads. Lizbeth has a gentle soul, but lives her life in hell. She is the Lord High Executioner's daughter and has to do his bidding. She tries to help the prisoner's when she can and loses a little of her soul when she can't.

But through fate she ends up being apart of an escape of the Brodrick Maxwell, a Scottish Spy and lovely hunk of man. KK originally wanted to name the book, The Executioner's Daughter I think that would have been a killer title Pun intended. Happy Reading! Dec 20, Delilah Marvelle rated it it was amazing. Read this a while ago and am still scrambling to update my shelves.

This books freakin rocked. Sexy and earthy as hell. View all 4 comments. Jan 07, Splage rated it really liked it Shelves: highlander , alpha , 3rd-party-mistress-boyfriend-girlfr , read , sex-medium-to-very-sexy , pregnant-at-end , kidnapping , pretends-to-be-someone-else , historical-medieval , tortured-abused.

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Very good Scottish romance with lots of history woven throughout. View 1 comment. Oct 24, Omonobi Lucia rated it liked it. The book started with so much promise and I saw why people love it. But then it seems to be way too long. I liked both major characters, but the change in Liz was too much. She seemed to become a completely different person from the person in the first chapters.

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It was almost like she was replaced completely with someone else. Broc - I enjoyed Broc. I liked his playful nature and all but sometimes his playful ideas took the book a bit off track. Asides these, it was a pretty decent book. Nov 27, Laura V.

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No forma parte de mi reto-Escocia pero cerca. Eso es fabuloso. Aug 09, Laura rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

My Amazon review copied here. This is my first book by this author, as well as the author's debut.

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I will undoubtedly be echoing other reviewers and their opinions somewhat. I requested this title from the library and recommend you do the same. I admit to preferring regency to this time period, so maybe that has colored my opinion. This book started out fairly fast paced, but I seemed to run into problems early on. We My Amazon review copied here. We have to plod through almost pages of internal thoughts, planning, and dull conversations before we start getting into the action once again.

While this story ends dramatically, fast paced, and high action; I must say that the general feeling after finishing was confused, with a lot of questions. Our heroine, Lizbeth Ives, plans to take her stolen document that contains proof of conspiracy to kill the king to the King's brother the Duke of Gloucester who is Protector of the Realm and possible future guardian to his nephews the princes. The only reason she could possibly think this would work would be for Gloucester to be content with 4th?

Because if a conspiracy was afoot who would benefit By him being either Regent for his underage nephews or by taking the throne himself. Furthermore in this same vein, how could Edlynn, an auld blind woman of no rank or position be able to give the King medicine not just once but repeatedly? If she really was giving medicine to the king, why was she not with the King?

If she was truly in a position to give the King medicine why did she live in a cottage with no attendants ,etc? My 2nd problem was as Jaga said the contradictions in the characters. Lizbeth being the worst.

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She is initially described as religious, shy, timid, and easily cowed then she turns into this seductress, bold, wanton, too easy to jump into physical pleasure. Now I don't know whether that's just the author's style or what, but it was definitely distracting. SEEPAGE-in the tunnel it was made to sound like sewage, however in the inn it sounded like rain water damage you can imagine the image I had in my head with this one, pee on the walls.

As to the vagueness, unfortunately, two of the best examples are love scenes. The horse scene-the picture I had in my head was Broc and Lizzy were astride the horse both facing front with her before him. Then the next line is "Broc placed a kiss on the back of each knee. Is he a contortionist or something? Oh well. My 4th problem that I guess you could say ties into 3: the slang.

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