Fortune Cookie Magic (Abridged) [Paranormal Erotic Romance]

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It's another exquisite piece of writing you won't want to miss. NC, that explains it. I'm not a fan of paranormal, fantasy, vampires, etc. Oh well!

Owens' cats are delightful! Devil in Winter is for sure my fave out of the Wallflower series and one of my favorite romances of all time. I think Sebastian has spoiled me too! Glad you liked it Storee. CC - There is a difference between paranormal and futuristic or sci-fi romances.

Susan Grant writes futuristics, not paranormals. It is set in Earth's future in the year duh! Each book can be read alone, but refers to characters in the other books. I especially enjoyed Day of Fire which is located in Canada, my home country. I picked up Heart Mate at a used bookstore a few months ago It was really good.

I enjoyed it! The cats were great, I agree! I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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Jan 9, , am. Also the content of the thread on paranormal romance is a little misleading because it is dominated by vampire books. Paranormal also includes magic, telepathy, ghosts, etc. And futuristic can also be paranormal as well as sf. So I put the two groups together on my physical shelves. Edited: Jan 9, , pm. Hi I'm new to the group. I'm a librarian who likes to read read read. I read other stuff besides romance, but I'm currently on a romance kick that's lasted for several months now. I read primarily historical romance, but I tend to get hooked on an author and then read everything by that author, whether it's historical or not Judith McNaught is one example.

Anyway, looking forward to reading the posts in this group! Jan 9, , pm. Welcome, Katy! Glad to have you with us! I also read a wide variety of books in addition to romances of every genre , including mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, mainstream and literary fiction. As a librarian, do you get a chance to read all the best of the new as soon as they come out? I wish I did! Actually, I'm not a general public librarian.

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I am a law librarian - I work in a public law library. However, Library Thing appeals to me because I'm 1. Oh, that's cool! A number of us in this group me included work in various capacities in the field of law.

I'm a legal secretary at the Los Angeles office of a large firm based out of Pittsburgh. I was a paralegal at small law firms for about 8 years in the ss but went back to secretarying because less stress more money. Jan 12, , am. Yep, Im a 16 yr old British boy and I am wearing a Zorro mask as I am typing this becuz I dont want my friends to know, hee.

I started reading romances becuz of my mum basically. She loves Regency romances but doesnt like bookstores, so I volunteered to go buy her stuff for her. Well, eventually, the bookstores ran out of Georgette Heyers becuz she's dead, ma! Mum doesnt like! Oh dear! I wonder that they dont use turkey legs! So I am here to get ideas on whut to buy next for my ma, and becuz I rather like reading some of these things after a long day of perusing more manly stuff like truck drivers manuals, hahaha! So heres some of the authors that are acceptable to my mum and that I like also: Georgette Heyer.

Whut a shame that shes dead already!

Katherine Mansfield. Carla Kelly. Candice Hern. Edith Layton. Barbara Metzger.

Here's the Latest Episode from Get New Releases Audiobooks in Romance, Regency:

Sandra Heath. Joan Wolf. Umm, thats all I can remember at the moment. Oh, I do like those Christmus omnibuses of Regency Christmus short stories. Those are super quick reads I can polish off in a day or two. I recently discovered the Shopoholic books and while my mum doesnt care for contemporary stuff, I did find the heroines spending habits hilarious.

I do read other stuff you can check out my library -- those are only the books I could remember off the top of my head but my special favourites are the super fat historical novels, like those written by James Clavell or the Coleen McCullough Caesar series. Edited: Jan 27, , pm. I'm brand new to the group and thought I'd introduce myself. I'd always avoided typical "romance" novels, though I'd always loved books by Janet Evanovich , who's sometimes considered romance.

And I've been a fan of the chick lit genre for years. I started reading the Christina Skye Code Name books a few years back, and liked them, but again, didn't venture further into the genre. That is, until a co-worker started handing me books by Lisa Kleypas. And I started branching out from there.

I've also discovered Emma Holly , and I love her Beyond books. I've read quite a few of her works, and I like the historicals better, I think, and I've got two of her demon books on my shelf waiting to be read. I don't have a lot of time to read anymore. I miss my days in college, working for my English degree. Now I'm a few months from my law degree, and while there's still a lot of reading, it's just not the same kind of reading.

Jan 27, , pm.

  • Die Vereinbarkeitsproblematik von Erwerbs- und Familienarbeit im deutsch - französischen Vergleich: Hintergründe, Realität und wohlfahrtsstaatliche Bedingung (German Edition).
  • e-book Fortune Cookie Magic - Three.
  • Get New Releases Audiobooks in Romance, Regency.
  • Fancy Lady & the Desperadoes.

PLite, it's always nice to know when a man is interested in romances. Piper, congratulations on getting close to finishing law school. If you're getting any fun reading done at all, you're doing good! I love Kleypas too, and am just now reading the Wallflower series. I tend to get on genre kicks, and for the past couple of years was mainly into paranormals and contemporary romances like Evanovich, Lori Foster, etc. Now I'm back on historicals.

Have you read any of Sabrina Jeffries? I haven't read any Emma Holly yet, though it's only a matter of time. Hi, I'm glad for all the recommendations.

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I'm mostly hooked on regencies so: Georgette Heyer!! Barbara Metzger writes funny books. I really liked the first Cynster. I've read all the Cynsters and all the Bastion Club so far. I really enjoyed the earlier Four in Hand. I think that is the title. Amanda Quick but Jayne says she is not going to write any more regencies, but will move more into the Victorian age.

I have to agree that I like the earlier stuff better, but I have just started listening to the new one White Lies and so far, so good. Marion Chesney also writes a fun romp. I've recently discovered Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Boyle and have enjoyed their books.