Finding a Path through Difficult Times

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What did you learn from each instance? List both the positives and negatives about the decision at-hand. Which side is more weighted? Who stands to gain the most if a particular path is chosen and who stands to lose? The idea is to go with the best possible chance of overall success. If there is no need to rush your decision, then, by all means, do not.

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Take it to prayer. When we act in haste, it often leads to unforeseen circumstances and an entirely new set of difficulties. Step slowly and thoughtfully. Always strive to be a man who is capable of rising to the challenge. Seek the wisdom that will take you out of your comfort zone when required and keep you in it when necessary.

Have the courage to do what is needed.

Pushing Through Hard Times In Life

The last paragraph ties it all in beautifully for me -- in lighting our path, so we light those of others. Belinda - Thanks for visiting the site and leaving a comment. I appreciate that a lot! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this post and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you on the site. Posted by: positively present October 01, at PM. Hi Dani.. Hope all's well with you.. Posted by: Hilary October 01, at PM. Hilary - I'm sorry to hear that your path is dark right now, but you can create light and find it in others.

Easier said than done, I know, but I hope the post helps somewhat! There is absolutely something about night and day that makes me think differently. While the night is definitely a little scarier, it's also a time when more things seem possible both good and bad. I guess that's why midnight is the witching hour. Hi, Dani -- wonderful, well-thought out post on a subject we all have to deal with!

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You did really good stuff here. Like most folk, I've been in and out of darkness to light so many times over my lifetime, I've kind of learned to relax no matter what. I think it's a familiarity thing, plus hindsight.

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I think I've actually made friends with darkness, in that when it comes, I can work myself up to anticipation of the light returning. In fact, I read recently that when we can actually be grateful for the darkness times or any kind of hard time , we've rounded the corner towards enlightenment. Makes sense to me, and my light to others would be my living according to my beliefs. Posted by: Jeanne October 01, at PM.

Melissa - Really great point about night and how it makes everything good or bad! I feel the same way about that and it's a really interesting spin on the darkness.

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Thanks for bringing that up! Jeanne - Thank you! I think that dealing with darkness gets a lot easier with experience because we realize that the light will eventually come back into our lives. Even if you can't see it, the sun is shining! Being grateful for the good and the bad is really an enlightened way to be We can learn so much from the dark times and those times make our light times even better.

Nazim - Thank you! I really wish I could master my thoughts completely to bring positive things to my life, but it's hard sometimes! Posted by: positively present October 02, at AM. This post is amazing. I had to take some time to let it sink in with me before commenting because it came at such a perfect time for me. Your comparison is so perfect and meaninful and well crafted.

Reiki as a Spiritual Path

I sat here reading, practically in tears, because you were writing so well about such important things. I'll be including your post in my post this morning. Thank you so much for sharing this. Posted by: Daphne October 02, at AM. Daphne - Thank you so much!

go to site It makes me so glad to know that you enjoyed the post and that you liked it so much that you're going to mention in your post. Thank you!! Got to know about this post through Blisstree's blog carnival. I love your writing and the picture! Where did you get such beautiful picture?

I think it's very important to "choose your route carefully", because there's where you gonna focus your energy and time, you don't wanna go in the wrong direction for no reason!

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Keep up the great work, Dani. Ken - Thanks so much for the compliments! I agree that it's important to choose our routes carefully and to make the most of the paths we're on. Thank you for commenting! Posted by: positively present October 11, at PM. Walking a dark path can send our minds into the depths of all terrible possibilities and bathe us in fear.

But darkness is nothing but the absence of light, just as fear is nothing but the absence of courage. Turn on the light and darkness is gone, have thoughts of courage and fear disappears. We don't have to walk that path and thanks for reminding us to turn on the light and bring courage along. Posted by: Lisa October 12, at AM. Lisa - I love what you wrote about turning on the light.

It's so true that when we turn on the light in our lives, the darkness is gone. We have the choice to look for light in our lives and it's important that we do so in order to deal with the darkest times. Posted by: positively present October 12, at AM. I've often felt that our current mindset and surroundings sort of alter the way we see the world.