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Sanur Bay has to be one of the most commonly dived locations given that it is the perfect place for PADI dive training. This Sanur dive site lies just in the channel and has coral reef running along the edge of the channel which slopes off into a large sandy platform. Penjor Reef — The trip to Penjor reef takes only a few minutes with our dive speed boat although you would travel much further for a reef with this quality.

There is an abundance of healthy coral and marine life on this Sanur dive site. It is one of those dives sites that does not need great visibility as the amount of macro life is superb.

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Some divers will credit this site as being as good as some of the more famous sites in Bali. One of the great things about diving in Sanur is the ability to go and explore.

Blue Season Bali is constantly looking for new and different sites so if you want to jump on our dive boat and come explore the diving in Sanur just contact us by email or drop into to our dive shop on Jalan Danau Poso in Sanur and say hi. We will be waiting for you! Tool Sets Bathroom Accessory Sets.

Close to Ceiling Lights Pendant Lights. Body Lotions Face Creams. Tents Accessories Lights Camping Bed. Billiard Fishing Toss Games. Business Writing Skills. Graphic Novels Comic Strips.

England cricket star Joe Root gives tips on batting - Investec Test Series

My Wishlist. Know about stores. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Japan to your country. The local girls were all good fun our legendary jackets worked their magic yet again , though I do fear a new acronym needed to be coined for the ladies in question.

As the rain set in on the Saturday afternoon, the boys decided that go-karting was the only sensible option.

A really good track was found Damon Hill had raced there with his kids not long before and battle commenced. John B proved that age was no bar to success and was the first to go through to the final flinging the kart around like he does the Z4. Thence to the Thatch at Croyde. After checking in, God played a little trick on us by clearing the skies enough to entice us into the half mile walk to the beach for a game of beach cricket. Play commenced just as an ominous black cloud bubbled up on the horizon.

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  • The Forest Play, an ancient play for modern times?
  • Within twenty minutes it was upon us accompanied by a gale of biblical proportions and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Humphrey took the sensible view that if he was going to get wet, he might as well do the job properly and stripped off not all the way, thank God and doused himself in the briney.

    We may as well all have joined him, for by the time we arrived back at the pub no one had a stitch of dry clothing.

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    Never mind, there is always next year on the Isle of Wight. Many will remember Neville Bamford who scored over runs for the Vagabonds before returning to his home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. Here is an email updating us with his story following the terrible earthquake they had there the second in six months.

    We are safe but a little traumatised to be honest. Life is very different from here on unfortunately and our beautiful ChCh will never be the same. Our family and friends are all alive but we all know at least one of the dead. I was 12 floors up in our building and saw some terrible things during and after. The PGC building across the river came down as I was holding on to a door frame and that image will stay with me forever. The devastation is much,much worse than what you can see on TV.

    There is no chance the RWC will be hosted in ChCh either as most hotels are damaged and infrastructure is shot. We are in Kaikoura which is about 2.

    Football managers vs cricket coaches

    Our home was pretty much the epicentre of the quake so the area is widely damaged and many families have been evacuated due to ongoing rockfall issues and structural problems. Difficult times ahead but grateful to be alive for sure. Keep in touch guys — pass onto others whom I may have missed.

    Cheers, Nev Get well Sally Too!! Some of you may know that Sally too has been through the wars having been diagnosed with cancer. As I write Feb she is about half way through a course of chemotherapy and has lost all her lovely hair. Get well soon Barrie!! It will be known to all Vagabonds that our esteemed founder, Barrie Walshe, has been suffering from a muscle wasting disease in his legs. So we wish you our very best Barrie. Barnstaple and Pilton CC were tremendous hosts and with the help of Yaz, one of their young players who volunteered to play for the Vags we were treated to a nail-biting last-over win.

    It has to be admitted, however that Barnstaple were fielding a 12 year old albeit the Devon captain for his age group and that Steve Hyde failed to give a stumping as he was unsighted at square leg umpire owing to the fact that he was too busy taking a photo. All in all, a cracking tour! Many thanks to both our hosts.

    An outstanding achievement. As far as Simon, Henry, Reuben and I are concerned the final was a great experience and we believe Corpus Christi College were outstanding opponents. Comprising just nine plus the pulchritudinous Penny as scorer look it up! Beach cricket, late night bars, a comprehensive victory in our match at the charming and bucolic ground of St Johns all made the tour a roaring success along with a fantastic welcome from the IOM Vagabonds. And how did we repay them?

    By smacking a ball at full speed into the nose of their captain Louis Van de Westhuizen bringing forth copious amounts of blood. Click on the above picture for tour photos. Lunch saw the Vagabond side happily munching their hog-roast with a satisfactory score of all-out. Good progress was made with the help of Tim Henman who retired on 32 not out as it was looking as though his first game should have been cricket after all Hugo de Salis 28 and Oliver Lane So a win for the Vags in the inaugural Vark Memorial game -largely thanks to the generous Lachie gesture with the retiring of Henners.

    Some superb prizes were raffled and a tidy sum raised for the Netpatient Foundation. Remember you can always donate or run a marathon or something to raise money for the NET Patient Foundation. This is in stark contrast to the tour where they embarrassingly won both their matches …. Unfortunately the pitch groundsman forget to tell the outfield cutter that we were playing on Saturday, not Sunday, so the outfield was very very slow, scores would have been greater otherwise.

    The evening dinner was, as usual, a cracker, with Mary providing a host of mouthwatering dishes, and some of us actually got to am before finally departing, being roundly entertained for the last couple of hours by a rampant Stuart Tristram whose main subject matter seemed to concern the sexual deviations of a certain chef — was it Gordon Ramsbottom? Anyway another great day in the Vagabonds CC history, with social endeavor,perhaps,with a couple of exceptions, featuring above cricketing skills …but that would be what this day is largely about. We are very sad to announce the death of Geachy after a battle with the neuroendrocine cancer which he eventually succumbed to.

    An obituary to this most wonderful of Vagabonds will follow. Barrie's 70th!!! Congratulations on reaching 70 not out! Not bad for someone who has had a lifetime of debauchery …must be the good influence of your lovely wife Sally. Letter from Neville. Long time no e-speak and timely I guess with the Ashes returning down-under. Simply outclassed and outplayed is all you can say really. Hope the family are all well, not to mention your good self too of course.

    Are you still heading off to Cyprus or wherever it is for a few months during the year? He thinks I might have played against him in the very first fixture we had there. Life here is good — just moved house again last weekend for the 5th time in 5 years!! Madness but there is a grand plan at the end of it all, I think! A couple of pics attached with him and his Daniel Carter hairstyle!

    Same numbers of old? Vagabonds CC News Bits and bobs. Not really kept up to date. Kevin Pietersen - Vagabonds' latest recruit Elliot has found a new recruit for the Vagabonds.

    Dive Sites Bali: Sanur | Blue Season Bali

    Photo: Stephen Hyde. Portugal Tour We have tried as much as possible to remove any vestige of the vernacular lingua franca but lamentably…oops…it gets everywhere… One of the many theories about the origin of cricket is that France could be a possible birthplace of the game. New Scoreboard thanks to Perton Signs July To put the icing on the cake to our pavilion work, we have now replaced the scoreboard at Bentworth.

    Many thanks to Perton Signs for this great new addition! Perts left with Jeggings and the new scoreboard.