Crashing Impacts ( Short Stories)

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For any query related to the book. Book Summary of Labyrinth: Short Stories Labyrinth: Short Stories is an array of fifteen tales that cover genres like adventure, romance, paranormal, fantasy, history, and many more. Labyrinth: Short Stories, published in , is a collection of fifteen short stories written by various Indian authors. Each tale belongs to a different genre and era, thereby giving this book a unique and refreshing feel. It revolves around young Kemal who finds himself in the middle of a war in Afghanistan.

Puppet Show, by Aditi Chincholi, explains how a doctor cannot find a way to break a spell that has been cast over the natives of a valley. Bagheera Log Huts takes readers into the heart of an Indian jungle, where the search for a wild cat turns into an unexpected adventure. In Mortified, written by Jeevan Varma, readers will find themselves in a small Indian township where a mortified Sharmaji is going to be attacked.

This is followed by Crashing Impacts, a tale of love and sacrifice that spans almost ten years. Both Mists of Time by Niharika Puri, and Russkaya Rulyetka by Shawn Pereira, illustrate how a person makes impulsive decisions when he is overcome with rage and jealousy. Candies shows readers that the pursuit of love is filled with ups and downs.

Travel Through The Night, authored by Rishabh Chaturvedi, follows the protagonist into dense sugarcane plantations, where he encounters strange spirits who block his path. A Day of Battle is set during the great epic battle of the Mahabharata, and the author Abhishek Dwivedi shares stories of the bravery of some of the best warriors that this world has ever seen.

The next story, Farming On Facebook by Sushant Dharwadkar, takes a huge time leap, and shows how the present generation is unaware of the real world, as their focus lies only on the screens in front of them. They are a part of the initiative by Litizen. Professionally they are accountants, chefs, media professionals, doctors, and students Table of Contents 1. Acknowledgement 2. Foreword 3. The Martyr 4. Puppet Show 5. Bagheera Log Huts 6. Sym World 8. Mortified 9.

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Crashing Impacts The Night of the Wokambee Mists of Time Candies He was on a layover, waiting to board his next flight to Nairobi, Kenya. Micah was on his way to the upcoming United Nations Environment Assembly to meet with world leaders from around the world to discuss the challenges facing their generation.

Later that day, the Boeing Max 8, carrying Micah and others, went down six minutes after take-off. Micah, 23, was the youngest of five siblings, but a large age gap did not impact the close bond they all shared.

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By all accounts, Micah had an impact on everyone he met, with his friendly smile and outgoing personality. Once he began working with B.

Short Stories 29 - Head-on Car Crash - BeamNG Drive

Parks, Micah became no stranger to flying, often going up in small planes in all sorts of weather to get to remote communities across B. In late , he graduated from Vancouver Island University with a degree in Indigenous studies and began working with B. Parks through the Indigenous Youth Intern Program.

After his year-long internship was complete, he was hired on as an Indigenous relations analyst to set up programs and run workshops about Indigenous reconciliation. Micah was Metis and his mother, Suzanne Camp, made sure each of her five children grew up with an understanding and love of their culture. When he was young, Micah started school in the Aboriginal Head Start preschool program in Courtenay and was always interested in learning more about his ancestry and culture.

When he enrolled in University, he had one goal in mind — pursuing Indigenous law.

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This past year, he had begun working towards law school by taking some online courses while working. Suzanne knows he would have done well in Indigenous law. He was so friendly, smart, outgoing and well spoken. He always made sure everyone was comfortable and treated everyone as equals. In the government building where he worked in Victoria, his beaming smile and friendly personality were well known around the office.

Micah made a point of talking to and greeting as many people as he could in every department, even unabashedly asking a visiting federal minister to go for a beer to chat about environmental issues. His grandfather had worked for Parks Canada and the whole family spent lots of time outside in nature. And then being there, you realize things need to be taken care of.

In , Micah was accepted to take part in the Ocean Bridge program and became one of 40 to travel to Haida Gwaii to learn about and implement marine conservation initiatives. It was through this program he became connected with Mountain Equipment Co-op and was a panelist in a discussion about diversity in the outdoors following a film screening in early There have been a few new additions to the family since then, most recently baby Calder, who turned one the day after the devastating crash.

Even though Micah had been living in Victoria, away from family, he always made a point of coming back up Island to see his family, nieces, nephews and friends. Sitting in the dining room of the home Micah grew up in, Suzanne points to a spot near the kitchen island.

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