A Spell for Chameleon (Original Edition) (Xanth)

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A Spell for Chameleon - Piers Anthony - Google книги

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A Spell for Chameleon

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Gift of Griffins. The Bartered Brides. It's all perfectly suited for the not-sexually-active but very sex-obsessed 'tween mind. A Spell for Chameleon is the first Xanth novel, and among the better ones. It involves Bink, who appears not to have any special talent. As a result, he is exiled to Mundania, where he runs into some other exiles from Xanth. Hijinks ensue, and Bink eventually discovers his power, gets the girl, and his friend becomes king. The novel was very successful and there have been thirty-two sequels another similarity to Discworld , and this is apparently how Piers Anthony makes his living now.

The books at least skip forward in time quickly so that you get a new generations of characters every two or three novels.

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I read the first umpteen of them, but I remember that they began to go downhill after book five or so. Still, I'm not so sure that I'd recommend them to adults, and I have no real desire to revisit them. Xanth is, at least, an original and entertaining fantasy setting. Post a Comment. Grade: B.

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