A NATION AT WAR - The Second Civil War Book II (The Second Civil War - BOOK II 1)

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America has now started to retaliate. Key cities in Europe who sent UN troops to attack America are heavily bombed. American Peacekeepers James Rosone The unthinkable has happened.

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American civilians at home are attacking UN military forces. The fight is on. Neither side is relenting. A very believable scenario, unfortunately. Sep 03, denise hodges rated it it was amazing. That's what I forgot to do. Read the first book,got this second one. Please stay busy on the third,forth etc. I have to say this resets the bar for political-techno-military thrillers.

To both of you my highest praise to an author: My wife fell asleep 3 hours ago,and it's O-dark-thirty. Finished the book, now I can sleep. Bill Hodges Aug 03, Walter Embleton rated it it was amazing. Ended too soon What can I say? Holy shit?

No spoilers, what a rollercoaster, steamroller ride. James and Miranda are at the top of their game. No one does it better. The story flies along like a juggernaut all the while twisting and turning. You think you know whats going to happen next, but you are wrong and Bang the story takes another arc. Strong characters and duplicitous enemies, what more could you want. Now hurry up with the 3rd book.

Fighting between its two main tribal groups threatens to tear South Sudan apart.

The baby may have to wait! Aug 01, gpt rated it really liked it. Generally I love all the Rosone WW3 novels. With this one, I was torn due to my love for Canada and how Rosone makes Canada look like one of the "bad guy" countries. Nothing would ever be further from the truth - even though this is a work of fiction. Can anyone ever imagine Canadians allowing the invasion of the US through their country?

No chance. But as usual, his combat action writing is superb! Aug 18, Linda Schmidt added it. James Rosone and Miranda Watson give readers insight into a possible near future with Peacekeepers. The novel keeps readers on the edge of their seats as ex-pat Americans join UN forces in Canada to attack US citizens and government officials in order to take over the United States.

You will feel your patriotic blood boil as you read how China, Russia, and what you thought were allies act against the US. Aug 01, Bobbie Bridges rated it it was amazing.

Makes me mad As a follow on to Rigged, this takes us to the bloody nose our nation would be receiving on so many fronts. As a retired Army officer, the slow but realistic response upsets me. I sincerely hope the next book starts returning the bloody nose with a couple of black eyes. Great read. Sep 11, Ceis rated it it was amazing. You have to keep doing a reality check every so often as you read.

The writing and story keep your heart beating just a little faster.

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Oct 27, Lrobwerner rated it really liked it. Fast paced political thriller evolving into war book and apocalypse. Not as good as the first book, this one generally jumps from one battle to another. There is much less political action. While the book is still a fast and enjoyable read it ends abruptly, leaving a sense that the author intends to pump out as many books as his audience will tolerate - without a conclusion. Nov 14, Colin Springett rated it it was amazing. Getting into gritty bits I have this strange need to look up on google maps the places mentioned, especially in the Kosovo area and then the Canadian border.

I really do find stories of were allies attack their kith and kin, brothers and sisters in arms alarming and treachery at worse. I know its a story but I suspect it part of the experience.


Aug 24, Ric Ulloa rated it it was amazing. I'm scared, truthfully, as this is all so very possible and the events you put forth are so very true to this day! Wonderful writing and wonderful series! Thank you both! I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment. Aug 26, Miles Ryan rated it it was amazing. These authors knocked my socks off. Many times authors provide to many details but they provide the perfect amount and still have plenty of content.

Better than Tom Clancy in my book. Sep 14, Michael Geraci rated it it was amazing. James and Miranda do an amazing job of painting a picture of a fractured America that could easily be taken from next years headlines. Aug 14, Allen rated it it was amazing. Outstanding This was an Outstanding Book i have really enjoyed reading it!! Both books in this Series were very hard to put down.

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I cannot wait for Book 3 Invasion to come out. I hope you both continue to write more books. Aug 04, Steve Martucio rated it it was amazing. Great book! The nonstop action keeps the reader on edge needing to know what happens next. Aug 01, Bernie rated it it was amazing. Looking forward to reading the next book.

Sep 06, Nadeem rated it it was amazing. What realistic novel Seriously probably one the most realistic novel about international political thriller. I can't wait for the next book in the series. Aug 17, Donald rated it it was amazing. Exciting Could not out this book down. This story could be the future of our country if we are not careful.


Oct 10, Michael Annis rated it really liked it. Once the action starts its non stop. An excellent read.